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We're growing the overall market and bringing new customers
to the best 3rd party providers

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How Utiliz helps

We're working hard to make deregulated energy markets a win-win for both consumers and suppliers.

We increase the size of the market

The percentage of customers who have moved off standard service is low and in many states decreasing. This is almost exclusively due to lack of understanding, trust or time.

Utiliz eliminates these barriers to entry and attracts new entrants from outside the existing customer base.

Fewer than half of eligible consumers participate in deregulated markets. We're fixing that.

We reduce your cost of customer acquisition

We manage our customer accounts directly so that you don't have to market to the individual.

By partnering with Utiliz you'll have the opportunity to bid once for potentially thousands of individual accounts.

We bring you new customers, automatically.

We handle regulatory compliance

Utiliz has you covered. We perform all third party authentications required by the regulators in the markets we operate.

These are available electronically for any enrollment you receive from Utiliz, streamlining your process and reducing costs.

Regulators like us, because we protect consumers and reduce complaints.

We work closely with the regulators in all the states where we operate.

We aim to provide best in class service and want to work with suppliers who feel the same way

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Supplier FAQ

Utiliz is an unaffiliated energy broker for residential and commercial accounts in deregulated markets. Our customers authorize us to act as their agent for switching suppliers. What really makes us different is that we actively monitor the markets and switch our customers to new plans automatically as their current contract expires or better deals become available.
Utiliz currently operates in Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Rhode Island.
Utiliz is a subscription service. Customers pay a flat monthly or annual fee for us to handle their supplier switching. There is no charge for suppliers.
Utiliz works with the best suppliers in each market where we operate. Those are the suppliers with the best pricing, best reputations, and fewest complaints according to their state regulators. We do not accept commissions, spreads or any other payments from suppliers and always choose objectively among the best offers. Want to work with us? Get in touch.
Utiliz always prefers low cost, fixed rate plans with the lowest possible fees. These often end up being shorter term plans.
For suppliers who are not yet directly integrated with our system, we send enrollments manually through your standard web or phone channels. However, Utiliz is at its core a technology company and we prefer direct integration. To learn more, please contact us.
Customers enrolled by Utiliz will always be entered into your system with a Utiliz email address of the form: NameXXXX@cust.myutiliz.com where Name is the customer's name and XXXX is a random 4 digit number. You can use this email address on our enrollment verification page.
Please send mail to the customer's Utiliz email address given during enrollment. We forward all relevant info on to the end user.
All Utiliz customers have paid a subscription fee to be automatically enrolled in supplier plans and have e-signed a broker agreement with Utiliz. Additional third-party verification is not needed particularly in the case of direct integration. However for manual enrollments or other special cases, suppliers can verify an enrollment at any time by going to our enrollment verification page. We can also supply customer e-signed broker agreements on demand.

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