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Auto-switching = Auto-savings

Automatic switching is the core of what we do at Utiliz. Nobody else does it. By constantly finding and switching you to great, low cost power plans, Utiliz saves you money automatically. There's nothing for you to do except enjoy your lower bills.

  • You don't have to spend time manually researching plans and switching suppliers
  • You never have to worry about missing a contract expiration
  • You enjoy peace of mind knowing you're always on a great low cost plan

Email Notifications

We always keep you informed

Whenever we act on your behalf, we let you know what we're doing and why. You never have to take action, we're just letting you know we're working hard on your behalf.

We even send you a handy monthly recap showing your lifetime savings and return on investment, so you know you're getting good value from your subscription.

Utiliz Account

Access your information any time

As a Utiliz customer you get a comprehensive, secure, private online account for managing your service. You can:

  • Manage your supplier preferences (e.g. low cost vs. green power).
  • View your invoices and billing information.
  • View your historical plan enrollments, contract documents and savings.


  • Choose Your Subscription

    Go to our pricing page and choose the home or business plan that fits your usage. There's no long term commitment.

  • Sign Up

    Fill in your details on our fast & secure checkout page.

  • Send Us Your Bill

    We'll email you instructions on how to send us a copy of your bill. We need certain information from the bill to process your enrollments.

  • We Search the Market

    Our system searches the market for a great plan that suits your usage and preferences: either a great low cost plan, or the least expensive 100% renewable plan available.

  • We Automatically Enroll You

    We enroll you automatically and send you an email with the plan details and a savings estimate.

  • We Track Your Savings

    We monitor the market and your account. Each month we let you know how much you've saved with Utiliz.

  • We Switch You Again

    Before your current plan ends, we find you another great plan and switch you automatically, always saving you money compared to your utility's standard service.

  • Your Utiliz Account

    You can access your plan documents, enrollment history, and savings 24x7 from your secure Utiliz account.

3 Simple Steps to Get Started with Utiliz

Sign up

Choose your plan and pay online using our secure payment gateway.

Send us Your Bill

Email us a copy of a recent utility bill. We'll put you on a new, low cost plan immediately on receipt.


Enjoy the peace of mind and savings that comes from always being on a great, low cost power plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Utiliz is a subscription service that manages your energy supplier switching to save you money automatically.
Utiliz takes the pain out of researching and selecting supplier plans by doing it all for you. For a low monthly or annual subscription fee, we ensure you're always on a great low cost plan saving you money compared to your utility's standard service.
For residential service, Utiliz costs $3.99/month (discounted to $39.99/year when paid annually). Business service costs $14.99/month (discounted to $149.99/year when paid annually).
Utiliz currently serves electricity users in Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Rhode Island. We will soon expand to other deregulated states.
There are two main differences. First, we are not a supplier or partnered with any suppliers, which means we are impartial when choosing great, low cost plans for our customers. Second, we don’t just switch you to a good plan once. We stick with you and continue switching you to great low cost plans over time as your current contract ends or new opportunities become available in the market.
It depends on your usage and market conditions which vary throughout the year. Most customers will fall within the target savings range for their plan. Some will save more and some will save less. Our focus is on saving you more than you pay for your Utiliz subscription on an annual basis, at a minimum.
Electricity deregulation opens up the market for electricity to competition among many suppliers. Instead of having to purchase from your utility, you can shop around for a lower price. Note that deregulation only involves power generation. Your local utility still handles transmission, distribution, and billing. However because generation accounts for about 50% of your total bill you can save significantly by choosing a low cost supplier.
Currently the following states/districts are fully or partially deregulated: Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Texas, Washington D.C.
Switching is done between your new and old suppliers with no disruption in service. There's no appointment and no one will need to visit your home. You will continue to be billed as usual by your local utility and can pay the same way you always have.
Yes. There are many ways to find and compare the plan options available to you. However it can be complicated and time consuming to do this research yourself, and if you aren't careful you could end up paying more than standard service, especially if you let your contract expire without switching again. The purpose of Utiliz is to take care of all of this for you.
Your local utility will continue to deliver the energy to your home or business.
Your local utility company will continue to read your meter and will communicate the usage to your supplier. If you have questions relating to your meter read, please contact your local utility company.
Please call your local utility company. Your utility company is responsible for ensuring electricity and/or natural gas service is delivered to your home or business.
Not at all. Your local utility encourages their customers to choose an electric supplier because lower costs benefit everyone in energy deregulated states.
No. Your local utility does not earn a profit on the electricity it supplies to customers, and only performs the supplier function to serve customers who do not choose a supplier.
Absolutely not. Your local utility company is bound by law to provide equal service to all of its customers regardless of your energy supplier.
No. Modifications are not required because your electricity and natural gas will be delivered through the same transmission and distribution system owned and operated by your current utility. Your utility will continue to service all equipment as well as respond to any power outages, and you will continue to be charged for those utility services.
Everything stays the same except for your rate. You will continue to receive reliable service from your utility. Service equipment such as wires, meters, and transformers will remain exactly where they are. Modifications are not required because your energy is delivered through the same transmission and distribution system owned and operated by your local utility company. You will still receive one bill from your utility. Your bill will appear the same as it has in the past, and you will be able to pay your bill the same way you always have.
No. When we switch you to a supplier, we take care of all of the paperwork and the supplier coordinates with your local utility to make the switch seamless to you. You may receive a notice from your utility confirming your new supplier.
Your local utility will continue to send you a bill. That bill will show the supplier charges as well as your local utility's delivery charges. You will still make just one payment to your utility and the utility will pass the energy supply portion to the supplier. You will see your supplier's name and contact information listed in the energy supply portion of your bill.
No, if you've signed up for online billing with your utility then you can continue to pay that way as usual.
When you sign up, we collect your billing information and payment details. After signing up we need a copy of a recent utility bill in order to start switching you.
Yes. We and the suppliers are required by law to keep your information confidential and we take that very seriously. All communication between your browser and our servers is encrypted using transport layer security (TLS) and our database is housed in a secure environment with tightly controlled access. Utiliz never stores or even sees your card details, they are maintained securely by our payment provider Stripe which is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).
Switches require coordination from the supplier and your local utility, and always take effect at the start of a new billing cycle. So, depending on when we submit your enrollment your new supplier could take effect on either your next billing cycle or the one after that. Your billing cycle is normally shown on your utility bill.
Most utilities are restricted by law how often they can change rates and therefore tend to lock in long term fixed rate contracts for supply that are relatively expensive. Third party suppliers can trade in short term contracts where pricing more closely reflects the current market, which is often more competitive. Also, some suppliers are simply better at trading and hedging than others so they can offer better pricing and still make a profit.
Electrical power is measured in watts. For example, a 60 watt light bulb uses 60 watts and a 1500 watt hair dryer uses 1500 watts. The use of 1000 watts for 1 hours is 1 kilowatt-hour, or 1 kWh. The average household might use around 800-1500 kWh per month. Electricity prices are normally quoted in cents per kWh.
There may be differences in the fuel sources used for generation (green/renewable vs. brown/non-renewable) but there's no difference in what you receive. It's the same electricity, down the same wires, on the same bill. So there's no reason to pay more than you have to.
Green energy is energy made from renewable sources such as wind, hydro, or solar, as opposed to non-renewable sources like coal, oil, natural gas or nuclear.
Once green/renewable power is fed into the electric grid, it is just electrons and not distinguishable from other power. Because of that, a system of credits called Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) is used to account for and encourage green energy's contribution to the grid.
Because green (renewable) power and brown (non-renewable) power are indistinguishable on the grid, generators who provide certified renewable energy are issued a certificate called a REC for each 1 megawatt-hour (MWh) of electricity they supply. These RECs can later be sold by the generator, helping to make their business sustainable and encouraging the growth of renewable power. Since there is only one system of wires that transmits power to the users, it is the REC that 'connects' the green power with the consumers who pay for it.
Electric service would not be interrupted even in the unlikely event your supplier went out of business. Your local utility always stands ready to serve as the 'supplier of last resort' and Utiliz would quickly switch you to a new low cost plan with a different supplier.

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