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By putting our clients first, and operating with full transparency and integrity, we're transforming the CI electricity market one deal at a time.

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Major Savings for High Usage Customers

If you use 250,000 kWh/yr or more and are still on standard service from your utility, Utiliz can save you thousands on electricity each year. If you already use a broker, read on to see how we're different.

One Low Commission

How much does your broker make? Are you getting the best deal, or is your broker putting themself first?

At Utiliz our maximum commission is 2.5 mills ($0.0025) per kWh, regardless of supplier, client, or load. That's the lowest in the industry.

Our lower commission means you pay a lower total cost for electricity compared to other brokers.

A small commission. That's simple and fair.

Full Transparency

Does your current broker disclose all of their fees? Do they have their suppliers disclose theirs?

We require our suppliers to clearly break out their wholesale rate and our commission on the contract, so everyone's on the same page. What's more, we require our suppliers to provide fully inclusive prices. You won't find surprise capacity, winter reliability, or other extra supply charges on your bill.

Our buyer commission is our only compensation. We never accept money from suppliers so we're objective when finding you the best deal.

Full transparency and no hidden extras.

The Best Deals

Are you getting as good a deal as your current broker's other clients?

At Utiliz we leverage the deep supplier network we built through our mass market residential and small business service to source the best CI deals.

Because we're fair, transparent, and zero cost to suppliers, we always get their best rates.

It might take some digging, but we'll find a great option for you.

Fanatical Support

We take the time to understand your business and usage patterns, so we can find the best ways to save you money. We can also work with you to meet your goals for renewable energy.

A Utiliz partner is personally involved in every deal we negotiate, and high-touch customer service continues after your new plan is flowing.

You can log in to your Utiliz account any time to view your enrollment history including your contract documentation and savings projections.

We're not happy till you're happy.

Suppliers love us. Our customers love us even more.
Get in touch to see how we can help you save money on electricity.

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Commercial & Industrial FAQ

Utiliz is an unaffiliated energy broker for large commercial & industrial users. Our goal is to find you a long term fixed rate plan that saves you money compared to standard service from your local utility. We do these CI deals for a transparent flat commission not to exceed 2.5 mills ($0.0025) per kWh, the lowest commission in the industry. Utiliz also operates a mass market residential and small business subscription service that automatically switches customers to great low cost plans over time, with no commission
For residential and small business accounts, we are. For large commercial and industrial accounts we operate on a more traditional broker model with a low maximum 2.5 mills/kWh commission.
The main reason is there are almost always better deals available in the 3rd party marketplace than those offered by your local utility. The second reason is that the 3rd party plans allow you the option to fix a rate for a longer period of time than your local utility, making planning & budgeting easier and reducing operational risk. Most companies overpay for their energy. Your local utility can't help you reduce this cost, but Utiliz can.
Utiliz currently operates in Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, Maryland, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Rhode Island and will soon expand to other deregulated states. If we don't currently operate in your state, contact us at help@myutiliz.com, we might still be able to help.
Utiliz works with the best suppliers in each market where we operate. Those are the suppliers with the best pricing, best reputations, and fewest complaints according to their state regulators. We do not accept any payments from suppliers and always choose objectively among the best offerings.
For large commercial and industrial deals we work closely with our suppliers to custom quote. Unlike most brokers who prefer to lock you in for 2-3 years and forget about you, we normally try to put our customers on shorter term 6-12 month plans. That ensures your price does not start to diverge from the underlying market over time and become uncompetitive. We seek rates that are both below historical averages and below our forward projections for the standard service from your local utility.
Yes, if you refer a new CI customer and we arrange a deal, we'll compensate you with 15% of our commission for the first contract and 5% for any subsequent contracts. We accept only direct referrals, no multi-level marketing schemes.
Utiliz has done CI deals for office buildings, shopping centers, schools, theaters, recreational/athletic centers, hotels, churches, public municipal buildings and more. Any business that spends significantly on energy can benefit from sourcing power through Utiliz.
Sure, just write to help@myutiliz.com and we'll be happy to provide references from some existing customers.
Feel free to get in touch, we'd be happy to discuss your unique situation and give you an idea of how much we might be able to help. There's no cost or obligation.

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